The Sleeping Lotus: March 14th!

Our inaugural publication, the entire Sleeping Lotus series, will release March 14th! Written by Michigan author Scottie Kaye, the series follows a young spy-in-training as she works to take down a magical sex trafficking organization–all while discovering her own sexuality. Details to follow regarding the launch party, but we’ll be giving away over $300 worth of cash and swag! See below for the blurb for the first book in the series, The Rose Contract – and subscribe to our newsletter to see the next five covers revealed!

Raena Barren was born with a secret: of all the magic users in the kingdom of Soma, she is the only one who can hide her power. As a child, she used this magic to help her survive on the streets–until she saved the life of a strange boy called Jorr Portent. He rewarded her with a job in the castle of Soma–and Raena spent the next ten years falling in love with him. 

But while Raena’s life as a servant is sheltered, Jorr’s world is one of spies and assassins. When Raena comes of age, their paths will diverge forever… unless Raena can earn a place by his side. To become one of Jorr’s operatives, however, Raena must get to know her own body, and outsmart the deadly people around her. She must also sell her innocence to whatever man pays the most… even if that man can’t be Jorr.

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