Sleeping Lotus Swag Hunt!

The Sleeping Lotus series (starting with the first book, The Rose Contract) is more than just a sexy story. Each book follows only one part of Raena Barren’s journey toward becoming an independent, self-assured woman who understands the difference between true love and mere lust. Her coming-of-age tale is wrought with danger, loss, perseverance, and sexual discovery. Therefore, to get you amped up for it, we’ve created a Swag Hunt to help you earn book swag and learn a little bit about Raena’s world! (There’s also a launch party with games, prizes, and activities running concurrently.)


Complete the quizzes linked in the blue buttons on this page to earn a Sleeping Lotus swag pack sent via postal mail (for USA readers only) or 1-2 free copies of any Sleeping Lotus book (1 paperback or 2 eBooks). Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the black button below (or this link) to open the answer form. You can fill it in as you go, or put in your answers from memory once you’ve completed all quizzes.
  2. You have to complete all the quizzes to earn a swag pack (the bonus tasks are optional).
  3. You can complete these quizzes in any order.
  4. We only have a limited number of swag packs to give away, so it’s first-come-first-serve. If we run out, we’ll announce it here.
  5. When you’re finished, submit the Google Form with your mailing address, and we’ll ship you your goodies right away! And don’t forget to enter our giveaways and play our puzzles for even more potential prizes along the way!

Quiz 1-4: Character Creation!

The world of Sense is made up of five regions and it has a very particular magic system. By taking these four quizzes, you can find out which region you would be from, what you might look like, and what sort of magic you would have if you were a character in the Sleeping Lotus series!

The Sleeping Lotus books take place in the world of Sense, which is broken up into five regions based on the five senses. Each region has a typical skin and eye color set. Find out what your character might look like, and earn a mini-bookmark!

The main character of The Rose Contract, Raena Barren, can only perform magic on people. This is very common in the world of Sense, but some rarer mages can effect animals, objects, or even themselves. Rarer still are the plant mages–a subject which continues to defy categorization in the scientific world. Find out what you would do magic on if you were a Sense mage, and earn a postcard to share!

In Sense, mages can only perform magic through one of the five senses. For example, a Touch mage like Raena can only do magic on subjects she can touch. Find out how your own magic would work, and earn a magnet!

A person’s magic is called their “Sen,” and the aptitude of a Sen is the most important part of it. The aptitude is what the mage is able to do to their subject. Raena can create illusions, for example. What might your aptitude be? Find out, and earn a signed bookplate!

Share your character on Twitter or Facebook and include a link to the swag hunt for a hint to our super-secret spy prize! Tag the post #sleepinglotus if you’re able. Feel free to name (or even doodle) your character!

Quiz 5: Read the Book Blurb!

Prove that you’ve read the blurb for the first book in the Sleeping Lotus series, The Rose Contract, by completing the quiz below with a 100% grade. Once you’ve done that, you’ll earn a “password” to put into your Google Form! After all, you might as well find out what this book is about if you’ll be getting swag for it, right?

Read the book blurb for The Rose Contract and earn a button!

Share the link to The Rose Contract with a friend who might like the book. Do that, and you’ll earn a bonus postcard! (Up to 10 postcards for 10 friends, while supplies last.)

Quiz 6: See the Covers!

Check out the covers and the mini-book-blurbs here (there aren’t any spoilers), and take a quiz on what you see! Correctly match the titles of each book in the series with its general premise, and you’ll earn a password to put onto your Google form.

Read/look at the whole series here and answer questions about them. This final task earns you a sticker sheet!