Sleeping Lotus Dating Game!

Below, you will find a selection of characters from the Sleeping Lotus series, starting with The Rose Contract! Download the book now to meet these characters “in person”… and maybe learn about some of their dark sides! Don’t forget to leave a review after reading!


Jorr Portent

Ideal Date: Cuddling and talking in bed.

Likes: Dancing, handmade artwork, giving surprise gifts.

Dislikes: Bad weather.

Jaen Portent

Ideal Date: An hour in a nice, clean dungeon.

Likes: Storms, saying dangerous things, fearlessness.

Dislikes: Whiners, gambling, obedience.

Garen Cards

Ideal Date: A picnic near water, far from other people.

Likes: Playing cards, swordfighting, telling unintentional jokes.

Dislikes: Long work hours, people making him worry.

Mikail Haze

Ideal Date: Netflix and chill with no Netflix nor chill.

Likes: Men, women, silk sheets, daggers.

Dislikes: Anyone who f###s with his woman.

King Daisuke Tinker

Ideal Date: What is he even doing here? He’s in Book Seven!

Likes: Oh, right. We need a clue, for the Super, Secret Spy Prize.

Dislikes: Check the, copyright page, in Book One.

Quinn Wise

Ideal Date: Wine by the fireplace, maybe some reading.

Likes: Learning, being out of his element, fine craftsmanship.

Dislikes: Intimidation, unfairness.


Raena Barren

Ideal Date: Cloud-watching, long walks in the park.

Likes: Books, flowers, handcuffs. The simple things.

Dislikes: Alcohol.

Orra Read

Ideal Date: Anything that ends with a good story.

Likes: Bar fights, social media, being salacious.

Dislikes: Insults, anyone touching her woman.

Queen Arani Oath

Ideal Date: Hot-tubbing, wine. No bathing suits needed.

Likes: Koi fish, running water, sunlight.

Dislikes: Basically everyone. but mostly herself.

Lassyne True

Ideal Date: Camping (she doesn’t know how to camp).

Likes: Luxury gifts like perfume, being better than everyone.

Dislikes: Liars, unreasonable people, black-and-white morality.

Shenni Null

Ideal Date: Sitting on a roof, having a smoke.

Likes: Open spaces, emotional boundaries, funky pillows.

Dislikes: Men, intrigue, and general bull##it.