New Release: Lady of Chains!

This is our very first release outside the Sleeping Lotus series, and we’re so excited! Every book in the World of Sense collection is intended to function as a standalone story with only mild spoilers to the series that precedes it.

The Cover

The Cast

Ever wondered how Lassyne True, heiress to a duchy and sister to Ossyne, came to be a jaded spy for the Thorns? And were you ever suspicious of her defense of Loren Stone during his tribunal in The Rose Contract? Experience the path that leads to her own Rose Contract in Lady of Chains… and watch as she learns the dangers of putting someone she loves on a pedestal.

The Description


Loren Stone wasn’t always a powerful general. Once, he was simply a victim.

And Lassyne True wasn’t always the Thorns’ most hated spy. Once, she was the heir to a duchy and a fortune… and the favorite target of a murderous lunatic.

They have so much in common. They’ve both been kept in a cage. Lassyne knows this, because she was there. As a child, she saw what happened to Loren… and for ten years of her life, she has watched him from afar, obsessing over a future that they’ll never have. But when her parents finally put Lassyne on the market—and her jealous brother makes his ultimate move—Lassyne gets the chance of a lifetime.

She can run.

She can save him.

And no one will ever control her again….

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