14 Days to the Sleeping Lotus Launch Party!

Our launch is only two weeks away! We’ve just finished putting together some of the games and giveaways, and we think you’re going to love what we have planned. See below for some highlights!

SWAG HUNT. Anyone can win! All you have to do is complete the quizzes in order to “create” a character from Raena Barren’s world. Find out what you would look like and what sort of magic you would have if you existed in the Sleeping Lotus universe–and win a full pack of book swag!

SCAVENGER HUNT. An ongoing hunt throughout the 3-hour launch party. The first person to submit all 7 correct answers wins the entire 7-book series (signed, in proof copy) as a prize!

DATING GAME. See dating profiles for each character, and enter to win a prize pack just by choosing your ideal date! But you’ll have to read the books to know whether or not you chose wisely (the cover of Book Two says it all)….

And that’s only the half of it! We will also have giveaways, chats, and several more activities. Not to mention clues to the Super-Secret Spy Prize. For example, did you know that one of the hints is the same in two different books, but just located in two different places within said books? Well, you know it now!

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